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T.Flex has advanced integrated messaging and file transfer facilities that let you exchange text messages and files in a group or privately. T.Flex supports the following features:

  • Text exchange
  • Status messages
  • File exchange
  • Message exchange with PMR through T.Bridge

Text exchange

Tap the user or channel that you want to send a message to, and then tap the envelope icon above the list to go to the chat. Write your text message and tap the paper plane icon to send it. The recipient’s mobile client will receive a notification in the status bar and sound an audio notification.

Your messages can be viewed in recent messaging history. To read all recent messages, tap Chats in the main menu. You can also switch to the chats by tapping a new message notification in the status bar. The chats home screen lists the users and groups that you have chat history with.

Text messages can also be sent to offline users. When the user comes back online, they will be able to read and reply to those messages. The user gets a notification about the unread message and can switch to the messaging screen using that notification.

Copying messages

Messages can be copied and quoted.

To copy a message, tap the message and select Copy. Then tap and hold in the input field and tap Paste.

To quote a message, tap the message and select Quote. The message is quoted immediately in your input field.

Message states

T.Flex tracks if your messages have been received and read. This is indicated as follows:

  • Request – highlighted message; a message has this state if the recipient was offline at the time of the sending
  • Received – a single check mark next to the message means the recipient got the message and was notified but hasn’t read the message
  • Read – a double check mark means the user has read the message

Status messages

Status messages are canned short messages for specific situations. Examples of such messages are "OK", "Call me" or "Busy right now". You can receive and send status messages that are configured by the administrator in T.Commander. Each such message has a tag, message text and comment, and a color can be defined for it so that you can instantly spot and categorize it.

When you are in a chat with someone, tap the callout icon and then select the necessary message by tapping it. The message is sent immediately. Alternatively, type the hash (#) symbol to see the list of available hashtag-like shorthand labels. Tap the label you need to send the message that it stands for.

If you commonly send the same status messages to the same recipients, the quickest way to do it is to create shortcut tiles for these messages in the My TASSTA view.

File exchange

To go to the file exchange interface, tap the user or group you need in the user or group list. This takes you to the recent messages history screen. Here you can send a file and see recent chat history.

To send an image, tap the staple icon, select the image source and complete the upload. The file will be immediately transferred to the server, and the recipient will be notified.

When you send a file to a group, all users in the group receive an incoming message notification and can download the file.

To view a file that you have received, tap the message. This downloads a file and opens it with an associated app.

Message exchange with PMR through T.Bridge

Any PMR Network such as TETRA or MOTOTRBO can be extended with the TASSTA solution or become integrated as its complement. Messaging between PMR and TASSTA is possible through T.Bridge. If T.Bridge is configured in your environment, messaging involving both networks (TASSTA and PMR) is done through special allocated groups using regular group calls. The T.Bridge configuration is transparent to you as a T.Flex user – you can text people no matter whether they are in the TASSTA network or in the PMR network.