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Introduction to T.Flex

T.Flex is a TASSTA application running on touchscreen mobile devices powered by the two most popular mobile operating systems: Android and iOS. It works over Wi-Fi or any mobile network (such as 3G and LTE) while providing users with maximum connectivity at the lowest price. VoIP technology implemented in T.Flex ensures that users can connect and communicate with each other from every corner of the world. In addition to Wi-Fi and 3G, T.Flex is designed for communicating under poor conditions and being able to retain acceptable communication quality on GPRS and EDGE (2G) networks.

T.Flex contains all the expected basic features such as group calls and individual calls, messaging and history, map and GPS positioning. Combined with T.Rodon (the TASSTA command and control center solution), it acquires additional tools for organizing and managing your business: task management system, GPS and indoor localization, geofencing, alarming and so on.

T.Flex has a streamlined user interface and is flexible in use. It is specially designed for compact mobile touch screen devices.

T.Flex uses TCP flow for signaling and data transfer, and UDP is used for voice and video data transfer. In the event of any limitation on UDP flow (for example, enforced by the network provider), T.Flex can wrap the data in TCP.

The app requires a set of iOS permissions for correct operation. For details, see Required permissions.