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My TASSTA feature

The My TASSTA screen is a way to get quick access to favorite T.Flex features and options.


The administrator can use T.Commander to set My TASSTA as your main T.Flex screen.

Arrange the important options and features as follows:

  1. Select My TASSTA in the main menu and then tap the "three dots" More icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Add Shortcuts.
  3. Select the options and features from the list by tapping their plus icons. The selected tiles will move to the shortcuts collection.
  4. Tap Done to confirm.

To remove or rearrange items:

  1. Tap the "three dots" More icon and select Change Shortcuts.
  2. Use the minus icons on items to remove them and arrow icons to move them about.
  3. Tap the "three dots" More icon and select Use Shortcuts to confirm.

The My TASSTA view offers tiles only for those features that are available to your user account.

Call shortcuts

You can add tiles that act as shortcuts for various types of call:

  • Individual
  • Direct
  • Broadcast
  • PTV
  • Video

The call participants that you select can be saved with the shortcuts that you create, so that you can instantly call the same people again without reselecting them. Alternatively, you can use such a tile to go into participant selection mode and then proceed to start your call.

A newly added unnamed call shortcut tile is not associated with any call participants. Tap a blank call shortcut tile to specify who you are calling; select the user or users you need, and then do one of the following:

  • To start your call without saving it for later reuse, tap Done below. This starts the call.
  • To save the call parameters for later reuse, tap Save below. You are prompted to specify a unique name for the call shortcut. Type a meaningful name and tap OK. This does not start the call.

To start a call from a named call shortcut tile, tap that tile.

To clear the configuration of a named call shortcut, long tap its tile and tap Update call parameters. This turns it into a blank call shortcut.

Call request

My TASSTA provides an additional option that is always present: Call Request. It sends a request for communication to the T.Rodon operator so that they can call you back at their convenence.

You can make a regular call request (green tile) or an urgent call request (red tile). To send a call request, tap and hold the regular or urgent call request tile, as necessary. If you want to change the priority of the call request that you have already sent, simply tap and hold the tile for the other priority. This will change the call request from regular to urgent or the other way around.

To cancel a call request that you have made, tap and hold the same-priority tile again. The request can also be cancelled only from T.Rodon in the following situations:

  • The T.Rodon operator manually cancels the request.
  • The T.Rodon operator accepts your request and moves to the channel you were in at the time of the request, but you are not in that channel anymore.

Quick status messages

My TASSTA tiles can be used as shortcuts for sending specific status messages to specific chats. If you regularly send the same status messages to the same recipients, save time by making a tile for each of these situations.

For that, add a status message shortcut to the view. You will be prompted to select the status message and the recipient. You can add as many status message shortcuts as necessary.

Hiding PTT and emergency buttons

The Hide PTT Button and Hide Emergency Button options are available only on the My TASSTA screen. Use them if you want to hide these particular buttons from the My TASSTA screen to make room for other shortcuts. This does not affect the availability of the PTT and emergency buttons on other screens.