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Emergency journal

The emergency journal shows emergency calls and alarms of all types (including geozone traversal alarms and lone worker protection-related alarms), and it is the only area in T.Flex that lists emergency messages. The emergency journal is available to you only if it is enabled by the administrator in T.Commander.

To view emergency messages, tap the menu button in the bottom panel and tap Emergency Journal.

When a user initiates an emergency call, authorized users get an emergency notification with an indication of the type of emergency message. Whether or not you can receive emergency notifications depends on administrative configuration for your user account and the current set of channel rules. Notably, you may receive emergency notifications even if the emergency journal is not enabled for you.

If the user who sent the emergency message has GPS enabled, the message contains the coordinates of the emergency event. Tap the message to do any of the following actions:

  • Copy the text of the emergency message, including the type of emergency
  • View the location of the emergency event on the map by tapping the centering icon