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Issues resolved in 1.1.0

ID What was wrong
TFI‑350 The counters in message notifications ignore history retention settings.
TFI-357 The "Everything Fine?" popup is not closed if the administrator disables LWP for you while the popup is on screen.
TFI-370 The administrator's changes to battery alarm threshold values are not applied correctly by the app.
TFI-371 The Broadcast call button is missing from the user list view.
TFI-373 You get new message notifications even if messaging is disabled for you.
TFI-375 The audio alert about lost connection signal doesn't play.
TFI-376 You can cancel emergency even if this is disallowed by the administrator.
TFI-381 Changing channels can cause all chats to disappear.

In addition, several stability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.