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Issues resolved in 0.8.0

ID What was wrong
There is no way to exit the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy screens.
TFI-201 In the emergency journal, events without an associated user (for example, empty zone events) show "0" as the user name.
TFI-296 During emergency calls started on Flex iOS by a user for whom the emergency PTT timeout is set to 0, users on other clients cannot talk in the emergency channel.
TFI-299 Muting users in the user list has no effect.
TFI-300 Audio buffering (controlled by jitter buffer settings on the server) causes accumulated delay in group calls.
TFI-303 Changes to emergency settings are not applied after the app reconnects to the server.
TFI-316 If you release an emergency that you started but there are still users in the dynamic emergency channel, you cannot re-enter that channel to talk to the users in it; you cannot talk to those users in other ways either while they are in that channel.
TFI-319 System notifications about new messages do not appear if the destination chat for those messages is opened but remains in the background.

In addition, several stability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.