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Issues resolved in 0.7.0

ID What was wrong
TFI-185 When you change the screen orientation, status messages in the chat are positioned incorrectly.
TFI-203 On iOS 15, indoor localization data is not collected from Bluetooth beacons.
TFI-218 The map view crashes if invalid coordinates are passed to it.
TFI-241 If there are multiple users in emergency, then clicking the coordinates in a full screen emergency notification doesn't take you to the location on the map.
TFI-259 If lone worker protection triggers an emergency while you are in an individual call, then the emergency event is not sent and no emergency channel is created.
TFI-263 When a T.Flex Android user ends a PTV call that you started, the call fails to finish, and you remain in its dynamic channel.
TFI-284 If you reject an incoming call during a video call, an iOS system window appears that says "VOICE TASSTA Audio ending"; you have to swipe to dismiss it.
TFI-288 When you delete a guard tour, it does not disappear immediately and leaves behind inactive buttons.
TFI-289 Deleting a guard tour can cause the app to crash.
TFI-290 PTT state indication is incorrect for users connected to regular channels through the TeltronicPower bridge.
TFI-306 If the administrator changes the set of status messages available to you while the status message list is open in the app, this causes the app to crash.
TFI-311 Bringing the phone to your ear during a PTT call can make the proximity sensor switch the phone to internal speaker mode and release PTT.

In addition, several minor stability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.