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Issues resolved in 0.6.0

ID What was wrong
TFI-50 After your high-priority call request has been cancelled or answered, the call request button doesn't return to its default state.
TFI-51 There is no confirmation prompt for changing the call request priority.
You cannot send a video file in Chats.
Audio from an Aina Bluetooth Responder microphone is not transmitted during an individual call.
If the administrator disallows changes to app settings, this has no effect � you can still configure app settings.
TFI-122 If the emergency channel still exists after the initiating user has ended the emergency, the map keeps showing that user in an emergency state.
TFI-202 The On map option is missing from the More menu in the user list.
TFI-211 You cannot stop the emergency countdown if two seconds or less are left.
TFI-227 The app gets an incorrect session ID if you log out and log back in.
TFI-240 The "PUSH TO TALK" label is missing from the main screen.

In addition, several minor stability, usability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.