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Issues resolved in 0.5.1

ID What was wrong
TFI-25 Video call and full-duplex call recordings in history have very poor quality.
Messages from T.Flex Android users keep their unread state even after you have read them.
Messages from deleted users become unread if a new message is sent when the user is offline. The deleted users are marked as <unknown>.
Non-English characters are displayed incorrectly in history.
The chat for a deleted group is shown as an empty space in the list and as "Unknown" when opened.
When you play back a recording from history, only part of the recording is played.
TFI-76 Playback of the last recording doesn't work on external devices.
TFI-123 If the message retention period is set to 0 (which is supposed to be interpreted as 24 hours instead of literally), then the app does not display any messages at all.
TFI-130 A message may cover some parts of the user name.
TFI-132 After login, an incorrect connection status may be reported.
TFI-136 New chat messages keep their unread status after you have viewed them.
TFI-137 It is possible to send messages to a deleted channel.
TFI-143 On iOS 15, the app fails to start as it should when the server sends it a push notification.
TFI-166 On iOS 15, a VoIP-related crash sometimes occurs at the end of a call.
TFI-167 At the end of a call to a bridge channel, the app fails to release the call.
TFI-179 If you tap an item with coordinates in the Emergency Journal, the map that opens does not show the marker at those coordinates.
TFI-186 When the Use Name Alias option is enabled, the user names are still shown instead of aliases for offline users.
TFI-189 Unsaved Waypoints form a common route
TFI-190 The statuses of users displayed in the Chats view are not updated on the fly.
TFI-192 The indoor map may fail to load.

In addition, several minor stability, usability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.