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Issues resolved in 0.4.2

ID What was wrong
22064 Video calls are not shown in history.
22209 Missed calls are shown in history as individual calls with data.
22744 Aliases are not shown in history records.
23858 The emergency icon is placed wrong on the dedicated PTT screen and may partially cover the user name.
24249 Emergency Journal messages do not contain coordinates, type and start/stop times.
24263 Time information is not shown in history records.
24347 The Current channel only option on the map is reset to the disabled state if you leave the map view and then return to it.
25147 History may not be displayed for a long time or at all, unless you log out and back in again.
25209 During a broadcast call, the PTT does not change color as it is supposed to.
25452 The video player window does not open after switching to an emergency channel with a video emergency.
25803 Multilistening doesn't resume after you reconnect or log in.
25894 The app goes into the background if you scan a QR code with incorrect data.
26031 An emergency video popup may appear even after the emergency initiator has closed the emergency.
26035 The app sometimes crashes on the emergency journal screen.
26050 History does not update immediately after an administrator changes the recording retention configuration.

In addition, several minor usability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.