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Issues resolved in 0.4.1

ID What was wrong
15257 Sometimes Aina Responder cannot connect properly.
16342 After an Aina Responder becomes disconnected, voice is redirected to the external iPhone speaker, as it should. But if Aina Responder is reconnected, voice is not automatically redirected back to it.
21411 The camera orientation is wrong in pictures attached to outgoing messages and taken remotely on the iOS device.
22960 The programmable button PTT1 on the Aina Responder doesn't return user to the first channel after the PTT2 button has been used for talking in the second channel.
23050 Message popups appear only when the device is blocked.
23074 The app doesn't transmit voice when an Aina Responder is connected to your device but not the other subscriber's device.
23775 The Chats view stops respond if a big message arrives.
23836 If an Aina Responder is paired after login, voice is not transmitted voice when the accessory's PTT button is pressed.
25494 After you disconnect an Aina Responder, the app stops transmitting voice.
25848 If you call a user who is already in a call, the app keeps dialing even after getting the busy response. This happens if the account of the user you are calling has higher priority than yours.

In addition, several minor usability and look-and-feel issues have been fixed.