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Issues resolved in 0.4.0

ID What was wrong
22035 During PTV and video calls, the received video is glitchy and pixelated.
23178 The new message popup doesn't always appear.
23233 There are multiple issues with with video and PTV calls that involve T.Flex Android or T.Rodon on the other end.
23602 You can receive messages even if messaging is disabled for you in T.Commander.
23862 You can make direct calls even if this is disabled for you in T.Commander.
23995 If the PTT queue size is limited on the server and your PTT request gets rejected for this reason, the PTT button still behaves as if your PTT request has gotten through, when in fact you are not talking in the channel.
Fullscreen emergency notifications behave in unexpected ways when multiple emergencies come in at once.
24649 The pre-alarm timer animation starts only after the application has moved from the background to the foreground.
24664 If E2EE is disabled on your device, you can still hear encrypted voice from other users as long as you have a set decryption key that matches.
24669 Emergency connection and disconnection events are erroneously recognized as emergency calls and cause emergency fullscreen notifications.
24699 A fullscreen emergency notification can be closed by an accidental tap.
24704 A simple fullscreen emergency notification may appear when a video emergency player is supposed to open.
24708 There are sound and video issues with video calls and video emergencies received from T.Rodon.
25061 An emergency event is not generated for a deferred emergency.
25255 There is no sound in emergency calls from users who are in a channel connected through a bridge.
25424 If your Internet connection is lost and then restored while you are making an emergency call, the emergency channel is closed when the connection is restored.