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Issues resolved in 0.3.5

ID What was wrong
24243 The app re-downloads a file every time you open it from the messaging view instead of opening a previously downloaded local copy.
24364 There is no sound in emergency calls made from T.Rodon.
24843 Even though end-to-end encryption is enabled on the server and for the user account, the lock icon does not appear on the PTT button on login.
24886 On an iPad Air 2, tapping the attachment icon in the messaging view causes the app to crash.
24892 When you tap the Logout button, the app closes the session but may not really log you out. This causes your subsequent login to fail with the following error: "Username already in use".
24941 If you enter a channel that is provided by the Teltronic bridge and tap PTT, the channel disappears until the next time you log in.