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Issues resolved in 0.3.4

ID What was wrong
15576 Video stops after you minimize the app and return it to the foreground.
17558 In lone worker protection mode, the wrong timeout is used for the warning timer — the emergency timeout instead of the LWP auto timeout.
17562 It is possible to initiate multiple emergencies at once, with erratic results. The first emergency to start should prevent starting more emergencies.
17725 The logout lock form doesn't disappear if the feature is turned off by the TASSTA server administrator.
18189 If you try to call a user that is busy, their busy status is not reported to you. The details vary depending on the type of call, but there is no indication that the user is busy.
18346 During an individual call, if someone uses PTT in the channel you are listening to, the name of the talking PTT user is displayed on your device. This should never happen during a call with strictly two participants.
If an individual call is interrupted by loss of connection, unexpected behavior occurs instead of end of call. Sometimes the call stops, but a repeat call between the same two users fails after the connection is restored. In other cases, the call is never stopped, and one of the participants cannot hear the other when the connection is restored and the call resumes.
22035 During a PTV or video call between two iOS devices, the receiving user gets low-quality video with artifacts, although the video profile is set to high.
22136 The app ignores user priority, and the PTT button is operational while another user is talking in the channel.
22182 If a higher-priority user calls in the middle of an individual call, the current call is disconnected as it should, but the higher-priority user's call fails to start.
22263 The on-impact emergency doesn't start after the countdown timer runs out.
22292 A video emergency freezes at the first frame on the receiving user's end.
22755 The calling user cannot end an individual or video call that the receiving user has accepted.
The PTT button doesn't correctly indicate the "pressed by another user" state.
22977 If you receive a call in the middle of a sensor check, there is no way to accept or decline the call, and the incoming call sound starts playing indefinitely until you log out.
23070 During video emergency, the app stops receiving video packets if the emergency-initiating user rotates their device.
23229 The Periodic Check U emergency sometimes fails to start again after you start and end it.
23236 The app becomes unresponsive if the TASSTA server restarts.
23561 If an emergency timer runs out while there is no connection to the server, the emergency fails to start after the connection is finally restored.
23581 Individual calls are still available after the feature is turned off by the TASSTA server administrator.
23602 User can still receive messages after the feature is turned off by the TASSTA server administrator.
23784 The app freezes if you log out while receiving a call.
23840 If the Toggle PTT option is enabled for the logged-in user, this affects how the app interprets pushing the button on a paired Aina PTT Responder device. The toggle setting should not affect the treatment of hardware buttons.
23863 If the Receive Emergency option is disabled by the administrator for the user, then the user cannot move to their own emergency channel and talks in a non-emergency channel as a result.
24272 If you pass the Sensor Check and log out, and then log in again, then lone worker becomes deactivated.
24273 If you receive a direct call while the actions menu (drop-down from the "three dots" icon) is opened, the call window does not show up.
24289 If you get a direct call while you are in the middle of a PTV call, this ends your PTV call instead of reporting your busy state to the direct caller.
There are multiple issues with LWP-related popups being shown in the wrong situations.