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Issues resolved in 0.3.2

ID What was wrong
There are a number of issues related to the display of users in the user list. In particular, statuses are not always correct.
18218 There are interruptions in voice data received through the Kenwood bridge.
22163 Long-tapping a chat item in the list does not open the chat as it should.
22358 The encryption key is never updated after it is received from the TASSTA server for the first time.
23601 If muting other users is disabled for your user account by the administrator, you can still mute them.
23768 If you mute channels, they are unmuted the next time you log in.
23829 The "pressed by another user" state is not shown on the PTT button.
23839 Long-tapping a user in the list does not start a direct call as it should.
23841 There is no quick way to switch to the list of all users from an empty contact book.
23857 The app crashes if you try to log in with an outdated saved password.
23920 The app closes after a guard tour is assigned and the map is refreshed.