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Issues resolved in 0.2.20

ID What was wrong
22313 If an administrator disables messaging for a user in T.Commander while that user is logged in on an iOS device and viewing the Recent screen, T.Flex doesn’t switch to the main PTT screen.
18654 The PTT button doesn’t change state correctly in conference channels.
20990 If an administrator disables indoor localization for a user in T.Commander while that user is logged in on an iOS device and using the feature, T.Flex doesn’t stop the indoor localization activities.
21416 If a user changes their own alias, they don’t see their new alias in the navigation drawer until they log out and log in again. Other users see the changed alias immediately.
22076 The Emergency Journal does not show the coordinates for its entries.
22077 All entries in the Emergency Journal have the same date and time as the last emergency.
22121 The authentication error during login always specifically says "Check your password", which is misleading if the user name is wrong and bad security practice anyway if the password really is wrong.
22193 When a user with lone worker protection enabled logs in, they cannot pass the sensor checks, because remote request popups are delayed until after the sensor checks.
22238 Sometimes multiple groups are highlighted in the Groups list instead of just the group that the current user is in.
22241 The app closes silently if you specify an invalid port number for connection.
22255 Sometimes the app fails to run if you tap its icon.
22257 If you start a call by pressing the PTT button on a paired Aina Bluetooth device, the call is initiated, but you cannot hear the other users in the channel and they cannot hear you either.
Sometimes channels where you don’t have access are still shown in the channel list.