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Issues resolved in 0.2.19

ID What was wrong
16655 During a PTV or video call, swiping to the navigation drawer is not disabled.
Recordings in history cannot be played back.
21391 If you enter an incorrect password at the login screen and then enter the correct one, the login doesn’t complete as expected, and the downloading screen is shown indefinitely.
21406 The emergency fullscreen notification on the receiving end doesn't disappear after the emergency ends.
21410 When you receive a video emergency, the video freezes on the first frame.
21424 When you reset the password, the old password that you enter is rejected even if it is correct.
21465 When an AINA device is paired, it isn’t shown in the Bluetooth device list.
21475 Loss of connection during an individual call causes a logout.
21487 The Show current channel only filter for users on the map is reset after you switch away from the map and back again.
21488 User marks on the map don’t always change correctly.
22029 The newly-installed T.Flex app can crash on iPhone 7.
22040 If lone worker protection is enabled for you and you log in, you fail the sensor check because of remote requests at the end, even if you pass all the individual tests.
22126 If you log in in landscape orientation, the app will keep using only this orientation.
22137 Channels that should be available through T.Bridge are not shown in the channel list.