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New features in 0.5.1

ID What's new
TFI-23 In History, action icons are now available in the top bar when an item is selected, depending on the type of the item. For example, you can call back or text back a user whose call you missed without leaving the History view.
TFI-24 The History view has received a major redesign. Notably, there are now tabbed groupings (All calls, Individual calls and Missed calls) for history items.
TFI-32 In the Chats view, you can now acknowledge incoming messages by changing their "Confirmation required" status to "Confirmed".
You can now send status messages in Chats, meaning canned short messages for specific situations. The set of available status messages is preconfigured by the administrator. Type the hash (#) symbol to see the list of available hashtag-like shorthand labels. Tap the label you need to send the message that it stands for.
N/A The app now includes a full-featured Task Manager with task status change notifications. To work with it, tap Task Manager in the main menu.