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New features in 0.4.0

ID What's new

A number of configuration options have been delegated to TASSTA administrators and removed from T.Flex for this reason. The currently available options focus on using the application instead of administering it and reduce the chances of misconfiguration.
24785 You can now get in-app notifications while T.Flex is in the foreground.
All of the app's audio activity is now driven by calls, and there are now three operation modes:
  • High priority
    The application is always active, even in the background. The sound volume of other applications is reduced by 50%. This mode is recommended for Lone Worker Protection or navigation. Power consumption increases and the battery life of your device is reduced.
  • Optimal
    While the application is running in the background, you can hear the conversations in your channel with a short delay. Bringing the application to the foreground eliminates the delay and reduces the sound volume of other applications by 50%.
  • Car radio / shared
    The application uses audio only when needed. It increases the battery life, but adds a delay when transmitting or receiving audio. This mode is recommended for lower power consumption and longer battery life, and when using the application in parallel with other applications, such as audio players or car radio.
25305 You can now select which emergency to respond to when several come in at once.