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Enhancements in 0.5.1

ID What got better
Display of offline users in your own channel is now controlled by the administrator.
In a chat with a user who is currently offline, the name of that user's last visited channel is shown.
To save battery, the map is now updated only when in use.
TFI-70 One-to-one chats now have a navigation bar that shows the other user's avatar and status.
In chat messages that have attachments, a download (down arrow) button is now available that lets you save the attachement locally. The button goes away as soon as the attachment is saved, and tapping the message opens the attachment from the device.
TFI-144 The colors of waypoints now correspond to the colors defined by the operator in T.Rodon.
N/A Audio quality has been improved in situations where sound is coming from multiple sources (simultaneous talk or talk on top of history playback).
N/A File upload controls in Chats have been revised.
N/A The map now supports a 3D visual style.
N/A There have been a number of improvements for the tactical map: zoom buttons, compasses, waypoint tools, color scheme configuration and more.

In addition, minor look-and-feel enhancements have been made.