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Enhancements in 0.4.0

ID What got better
23828 The app now supports the use of a jitter buffer to increase audio quality.
24345 Battery use has been optimized.
My TASSTA buttons now show small map previews with user positions.
24999 The emergency button and emergency-related information screens have been updated.
25410 The client-side behavior for hiding offline users (can be configured per server by the administrator) is fully implemented. This reduces the load on the server and is essential for implementing isolated teams.
User and channel sorting has been revised to match other TASSTA clients.
25148 The PTT button now flashes red until the server has accepted your PTT request.
N/A PTT activity in your channel now brings up the app if it is closed. Note that there is a slight lag in this case.
N/A Bluetooth devices can be switched on the fly.
N/A Current user positions are shown on incoming emergency screens.
N/A There are now sound notifications about missed calls.
N/A Incoming full-duplex calls are supported.
N/A You can switch channels while keeping PTT pressed.
N/A Authorization is faster now.