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Enhancements in 0.3.4

ID What got better
15217 The busy state of the PTT button is now supported in all relevant modes, including push-to-video.
18348 On the individual call, direct call and PTV call screens, the PTV button is now locked.
19321 Arabic localization has been added.
24046 The base functionality for all call types has been completely rewritten, resulting in a more stable and robust system. Many known issues of the old implementation are now irrelevant.
24260 You can now search by user or group ID.
24346 Display of users on the map has been improved — now emergencies are always shown, even if the Current channel only option is enabled. Offline users are not shown anymore.
N/A All scenarios that involve accepting, closing and rejecting calls among three or more T.Flex iOS users have been verified. The user interface is now guaranteed not to freeze, and the app should behave as expected.

In addition, a few stability, performance and look-and-feel issues have been addressed, including a redesign of the individual call and direct call screens and animation improvements.