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Enhancements in 0.3.2

ID What got better
There have been some usability improvements for channels:
  • On the PTT screen, the current channel name is shown in the navigation bar.
  • You can quickly enable and disable listening to the channel, and quickly switch to the channel's chat.
23899 On iOS 14 and later, a new design is used for popups and content menus.
22958 The situation where multiple countdown timers are active at once is now prevented. There can be only one timer instance at a time.
16221 The set of icons for users on the map has been expanded.
15542 There is now an icon for quickly muting and unmuting the current channel on the PTT screen.
23757 The list of chats has been improved. In particular, the unread message counter now fully shows the number in a user-friendly format.