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Enhancements in 0.2.22

ID What got better
The password reset screen has been redesigned. It does not freeze anymore if there is no Internet connection.
19154 To switch the listening mode for a channel, you can now click that channel's mode icon without first selecting the channel.
22423 The channel list UI has been revised.
22493 The app now detects the T.Lion server version (5.5 or 5.6) and uses to the appropriate authentication method.
22590 You can now sort channels.
22793 When you delete a channel or reconnect to the server, the channel automatically switches to the one that was previously selected.
23044 The PTT button now shows more useful information, including in an emergency call.
23052 You can now start a direct call to a user by tapping and holding that user in the list.

In addition, audio integration has been improved. For example, you can now watch a YouTube video, then close YouTube, and Flex will start transmitting audio data from other users again within about 8 seconds (or immediately if you manually switch to the application).