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Live video streaming

Video streaming can be the optimal way to report on something or make a quick presentation. You can stream live to one or more users of your choice at once.

To make a video stream

  1. Go to the user list by selecting it in the navigation drawer.
  2. Tap the Invite users to video stream icon.
  3. In the view that opens, select the users you need, and tap the same icon again.

Each of the invited users gets a notification about the start of your stream, and the stream's dynamic channel becomes available to them. They can join the channel at their convenience; this opens a video player showing the stream.

Viewing a live stream

In the stream player view, you have the following controls:

  • A button that hides the stream
  • A button that shows how many streams you are invited to and lets you switch streams
  • An indicator that shows how many users are viewing this stream

During the stream, you can use the PTT button to claim the floor and talk, as in a group call.