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Direct mode

T.Flex can operate in a serverless Wi-Fi direct mode that provides only push-to-talk (group call) functionality and works only within the reach of a single wireless network. To enable direct mode, log out of the TASSTA network (if you haven't already), go to the application settings and tap Operation mode | WiFi direct mode. Direct mode becomes enabled, and all operational views and configuration settings that are not applicable become hidden.

To log in with direct mode enabled, go to the login screen and specify the following:

  • The desired user name
  • The port number, which doubles as your group ID; this is the port that your group calls will use, and you will only be able to talk to users that have specified the same port

After that, tap Connect.

In direct mode, there is no authentication and no centralized user and channel directory. Any T.Flex user is free to connect with an arbitrary user name. Furthermore, user names don't have to be unique. If there are identical user names in a direct-mode ad-hoc network, you can distinguish them by the IP addresses shown next to them in the user list.

In direct mode, the PTT screen has a green notification line at the top, saying that only group calls are available.

To talk in the channel, tap the PTT button.

Logging out in direct mode is no different from logging out in server mode – open the navigation drawer and tap Logout.