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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TFA‑236 On Cyrus CS22XA and CM17XA, the hardware PTT and SOS buttons don't work.
TFA-426 When a call doesn't happen for any reason (user busy, call rejected, no answer), incorrect notifications are shown.
TFA-489 On Telo TE590P, the knob doesn't work.
TFA-492 The battery emergency warning message does not appear immediately in the emergency journal.
TFA-557 In the Users view, the LWP icon disappears a lot of features are enabled.
TFA-584 On Inrico T522A, the app can freeze during login.
TFA-708 If you close the emergency channel of another user, this causes your own emergency channel to close.
TFA-715 When Periodic Check U triggers an emergency with the emergency PTT timeout enabled, the app still keeps transmitting your audio after the timeout elapses.
TFA-716 When Periodic Check U triggers an emergency for the second time in a row, the app doesn't transmit your audio.
TFA-718 Interaction with the device during covert emergency doesn't always work the way it is supposed to.
TFA-719 When you end covert emergency, your emergency channel is not always released.
TFA-720 You may fail to leave your emergency channel if your emergency type has recently been changed from covert to regular or the other way around.
TFA-740 You can type more than five digits in the Port field. Such a value fails to be saved, and such a port number makes no sense anyway.
TFA-749 The inactivity timeout feature does not work.

In addition, several stability and usability issues were addressed.