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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TFA-567 Sometimes during a video emergency call video and audio are not transmitted.
TFA-583 On RugGear 725, the PTT and SOS hardware buttons don't work.
TFA-585 On some devices without screens, pressing the hardware emergency button to end the emergency results in starting the emergency countdown.
TFA-629 Sometimes the app crashes when you select the PTT2 group configuration option.
TFA-632 On Inrico TM-7PLUS, the app crashes when you begin a video stream to another user.
TFA-648 When you make a remote video request and it is granted, you get a black screen instead of the video feed.
TFA-663 Sometimes accepting a video call doesn't work.
TFA-681 When you log out and log in again, the app can become stuck in an endless login attempt loop.
TFA-684 The app may stop responding after you tap Disconnect in the notification bar.
TFA-685 Sometimes the PTT button appears to be pressed by another user when it actually isn't.
TFA-691 Emergency features other than receiving emergency calls can become unavailable on login.
TFA-695 On Samsung XCover 4S, sounds aren't played after you log out and in again.
TFA-696 On Boxchip S900 Plus, the hardware PTT button doesn't work.
TFA-697 On Telo 590P, the PTT and SOS hardware buttons don't work.
TFA-708 If you close your emergency channel, this may also close another user's emergency channel that is open at the same time.

In addition, several stability and usability issues were addressed.