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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TFA-166 Messages from a deleted channel are displayed to new users.
TFA-378 Thumbnails have incorrect orientation on Samsung devices.
TFA-475 A full-duplex call that you make on Telo TE300K cannot be accepted by other recipients.
TFA-502 Messages from T.Rodon don't change their status to Read.
TFA-517 After you complete an emergency call, it restarts by itself a few seconds later.
TFA-518 The sensor check can fail to initiate.
TFA-522 If you lose connection after triggering an emergency, you get a blank screen instead of a deferred emergency screen.
TFA-529 Scanning of a BLE beacon does not work.
TFA-571 In Wi-Fi Direct mode, the default channel name is not shown.
TFA-572 In Wi-Fi Direct mode, there is no PTT button on the main screen.
TFA-576 In Wi-Fi Direct mode, there is no error message when you try to save a group ID that is out of the permitted range.
TFA-578 On the LWP configuration screen, incorrect zero values are shown after you cancel an emergency-triggering countdown.
TFA-598 On Android 12, the app crashes during startup or login.

In addition, several stability and usability issues were addressed.