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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
On Samsung Galaxy S8, creating waypoints with different colors doesn't work, and they always get the same color.
Trying to play an emergency recording crashes the app if the recording is end-to-end encrypted.
TFA-314 When you zoom and move around in the map, waypoints change color.
TFA-336 The marker for an emergency event cannot be removed from the map if the map was opened from a fullscreen notification.
TFA-378 On Samsung devices, thumbnail images in messages can have the wrong orientation.
TFA-393 On the indoor DeepMap, if an emergency is active on some level and another emergency starts on another level, then the level does not change to the one where the new emergency occurred.
TFA-473 A user's marker does not disappear from the map as it should after that user logs out.
TFA-491 Attaching files does not work in chats.
TFA-506 You can receive messages from chats that are not supposed to be available to you.

In addition, several stability and usability issues were addressed.