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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TFA-229 On RugGear RG725, if you press and hold the hardware SOS button to start an emergency, the emergency countdown is cancelled after about 4 seconds.
TFA-235 On Boxchip S900A Plus, the hardware PTT button and knob do not work.
TFA-238 On Samsung Galaxy XCover FieldPro, using Volume Down as PTT does not work.
TFA-287 In a PTV call, audio is not transmitted if the camera is turned off.
TFA-356 A few minutes after logging in, users appear to be talking in channels but cannot be heard anymore.
TFA-362 If you start a call request countdown in My TASSTA, you cannot cancel it. The countdown finishes anyway, and the request is sent.
TFA-365 The device is still reported as being indoors even if it is outside and the GPS accuracy threshold is fine enough for GPS geolocation.
TFA-381 Face recognition does not work.
TFA-460 After you end an emergency, accepting PTV calls may stop working.
TFA-463 Status messages sent from T.Flex Android are shown as regular messages on T.Flex iOS.

In addition, a number of minor usability issues were addressed.