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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
If you send a message in Chats, it is not properly marked as sent and read, when in fact it has been.
TFA-85 On Motorola Evolve, the hardware SOS Button does not work as expected on a long press (2–3 seconds).
Changes to message retention and capacity settings are applied only during the login that follows those changes.
Your messages may be marked as read, when in fact they haven't been.
TFA-167 Chats disappear after you change the screen orientation on Samsung XCover devices.
TFA-168 Top bar icons in Chats are duplicated after you change the screen orientation.
TFA-180 Lone worker protection sometimes fails to become activated when you enter an activation zone.
TFA-188 If location sharing is disabled for you, then your assigned QR and NFC guard tours are not shown.
TFA-237 If location sharing is disabled for you, then indoor localization mistakenly keeps prompting you to enable GPS. This happens only in 2D indoor mode.
TFA-259 If a video call ends while incoming video is turned off, then you get no incoming video in your next call; you have to toggle video off and on again to start getting the video feed.
TFA-269 If you reconnect, you get fullscreen notifications about emergencies that are already in progress.
TFA-271 Hardware SOS and PTT buttons dont' work on Ecom Ex-Handy 10.
TFA-288 Wi-Fi direct mode does not work.
TFA-310 The Periodic Check U emergency screen does not close after loss of connection.
TFA-324 The sending date of a message is not shown unless the message is marked read.
TFA-326 The Indoor DeepMap marker of a user in emergency may be hidden behind the current user position.
TFA-327 The Indoor DeepMap Marker of a user in Emergency may appear in the wrong (old) position.
TFA-331 An emergency call stops working after you close fullscreen notifications from other users.
TFA-332 You cannot start an emergency after tapping a full screen incoming emergency notification.
TFA-333 The Multiple Send option is available to users for whom messaging is disabled.
TFA-337 Messages from T.Rodon cannot be marked as read.
TFA-339 Your own marker disappears and reappears intermittently when the option to share indoor position is turned on for you.
TFA-340 The position marker is not shown after you return to a location from Training mode.
TFA-348 The new message counter in Chats ignores the retention period configuration.

In addition, a number of minor stability and look-and-feel issues were addressed.