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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TSD-4697 (TFA-19) RugGear RG RSM 1 remote speaker microphone keys do not work.
TFA-233 T.Flex not responding after selecting a channel with PTT timeout enabled.
TFA-205 All messages are hidden after tapping PTT button on the main screen.
TFA-204, TFA-172, TFA-90, TFA-63 Minor user interface fixes.
TFA-203 T.Flex crashes after connecting to the network if you retry to make an emergency call while offline.
TFA-196 T.Flex not responding if you tap Map icon while the guard tour is active.
TFA-186 Long response time when switching to deepmap.
TFA-181 SOS key not working on CROSSCALL CORE-X4 device.
TFA-173 When Location sharing privacy is enabled, the user's location is occasionally shown on the map after an emergency call ends.
TFA-155 The selected position on the map is not remembered after rotating the device.
TFA-148 Task history is sorted incorrectly.
TFA-143 LWP sensor check validator popup reappears after T.Flex has been sent to the background and reopened.
TFA-133 Stone Mountain Phoenix remote speaker microphone does not transmit sound.
TFA-128 CROSSCALL CORE-T4 hardware buttons do not work.
TFA-124 Invalid notification on re-scanning QR code / NFC label on guard tour checkpoint.
TFA-114 The user can accidentally select hidden users on the map.
TFA-92 The user cannot tap PTT button when someone else is already speaking on the channel.
TFA-84 Long-pressing SOS key on i.safe MOBILE IS520.1 device results in cancelling an emergency.
TSD-4765 (TFA-59) It is not possible to confirm application pinning (after enabling Pin the application setting) on devices without touch screen.
TFA-21 PTT via media button does not work on Android version 7 and older.
TSD-4475 (TFA-20) PTT key on Stone Mountain Phoenix Elite PoC remote speaker microphone does not work occasionally.
TSD-4063 (TFA-18) PTT key on Klein Electronics Curl 1-wire earpiece does not work occasionally.