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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
22998 On devices with small screens, the app can crash when one emergency call follows another.
24461 The emergency screen can be obstructed by other UI elements such as the sensor check or the remote capture confirmation prompt.
24836 LWP may not become active after a successful sensor check or may not become inactive if the sensor check fails.
25854 Video streamed from Hytera PNC380 appears upside down or rotated 90 degrees.
25903 If you get a message from a user who then goes offline, the chat with that user is incorrectly listed under "Messages from deleted users".
25947 On Telo TE300K, if you are in a two-user full-duplex call and you press PTT, the call turns into an individual call.
25956 On Telo TE300K, a full-duplex call may break unexpectedly after a successful start.
26003 In Chats, your messages may not appear in the history after you send them and may only be shown after you leave the Chats view and go back to it.
26004 In Chats, tapping Mark All Read may cause the app to stop responding.
26006 Chats that were available in your previous session may disappear after you log in.
26009 Notifications about new messages don't always appear.
26010 Downloading files from chats can fail.