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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
18429 There is no toast if the app fails to download a file due to a network connection error.
20746 Video calls are jerky due to packet loss.
24623 After you have centered the map on a user and selected that user on the map, the action icons for that user disappear.
24866 The app crashes at login on LTE Voice Radio CRLT.20.
25186 When a user goes offline, that user's icon does not disappear.
25295 On OpenStreetMap-provided maps, if you center the map on a user, that user's guard tours are not shown.
25296 The app stops responding if you are assigned a guard tour with hundreds of points.
25325 Offline call recordings are not shown in History.
25327 On some devices, the Network Location provider is disabled, even though the Improve accuracy Android Location setting has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. In this case, switching between indoor position providers (GPS and "resolve position" request) works incorrectly: there is a long delay or the switch doesn't occur at all.
25371 If lone worker protection is disabled and enabled again on the server for you between Periodic Check U tests, then the next test fails with a "server error" notification message.
25387 You can make video emergency calls even if this is disabled for you by the administrator.
25435 Notifications are not shown for SOS deferred emergency calls.
25451 The video emergency notification is removed from the notification bar during an emergency call.
25457 When indoor localization is enabled for you, your user icon is not shown on the map.
25458 Users can disappear from the map.
25462 The SOS hardware button on Sonim XP8800 doesn't work.
25497 The markers of other users may not be displayed on the 2D indoor map.
25519 The first time you start the app after installation or a device restart, the map cannot find the current GPS position and fails to work.
The Stone Mountain Phoenix and Klein Elektronics Valor accessories don't work with the app; you cannot use the microphone or the hardware buttons.
25574 The channel change hardware button on Telo TE590 doesn't work.
25588 Login fails on Telo TE300.
25628 On an OpenStreetMap-provided map, the On map action does not focus the map on your marker.
25697 Stopping a video emergency with a hardware SOS button may trigger another emergency countdown.
25699 There is a long delay when you switch channels with the hardware button on Telo TE580.
25710 Long-pressing PTT as SOS on uleFone Armor X5 and X8 cancels the emergency countdown.
25729 The dialog about migrating local configuration settings to the server fails to appear.
25730 Local configuration settings for video call quality are not migrated to the server with the rest of the settings.
25840 The SOS hardware button on Telo TE390 doesn't work reliably.

In addition, a number of minor look-and-feel issues have been addressed.