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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
17438 If you are the only online user in the network and you try to start a multi PTV call, you are still taken to the user selection screen and prompted to select users.
20963 If you select a user for a PTV call but that user goes offline before your call can get through, the app stops responding.
21314 If you receive a video call from a user but that user goes offline before you can answer, the ringing continues indefinitely.
23631 When there are multiple incoming video emergencies at once, the video player cannot play any of them.
23850 The messaging icon is not available in the user list, even though the administrative configuration for the user allows messaging.
23855 The direct call action should not be available for users that are offline, because an offline user clearly cannot accept a call.
24327 The Sensor Check validator text is not displayed properly on Samsung XCover FieldPro.
24427 When there are a lot of waypoints on a Mapbox-provided map, the app may freeze.
24460 A battery alarm fails to be triggered if any emergency has been triggered earlier.
24530 On Samsung devices, a toast saying, "Knox license validation completed successfully" appears after each screen rotation.
24541 If you perform the Disconnect action for T.Flex from the notification bar, the floating widget does not disappear. If you connect and then disconnect through the notification bar repeatedly, multiple instances of the floating widget remain on the screen.
24594 In networks where there are both T.Flex Android and T.Flex iOS users, the Android users may stop suddenly stop hearing group talk from iOS users after video calls.
24696 If you close a fullscreen emergency notification and then another user initiates an emergency, the new emergency notification fails to appear.
24697 In fullscreen emergency notifications, the emergency type information is overwritten by the most recent notification.
24698 If a fullscreen video emergency notification comes in while another emergency notification without video is shown, the player window does not open.
24702 The emergency countdown timer can be covered by a fullscreen notification.
24763 If you set Preferred Bluetooth Device to none and Redirect voice to loud speakers to Always, then incoming audio still goes to a previously paired Bluetooth device.
24927 The connection quality indicator can be missing from Network Usage screen.
24938 Your user marker can disappear from a Mapbox-provided map.
24952 Group names are not shown on the small screen of a Telo TE390.
25154 On a Telo TE300K, the binary screen does not show the name of the user who is talking.
25157 On a Telo TE300K, during a full-duplex call you have to press PTT to talk. PTT should not be necessary in this case.
25214 If you change the user name in the settings, it is not updated in the credentials input.
25223 The states of users in the user list can be out of date.
25279 The app crashes if you try to send a status message in the Chat view.
25280 The bottom navigation panel cannot be used on Sonim XP5s.
25288 There is no way to re-run the sensor check if the previous check was launched from the notification bar.
25341 In Direct mode, if you log out, then you cannot log back in unless you restart the app.
25246 There Reset Password option is not available in the app, even though the administrative configuration for the user allows changing the credentials.

In addition, several minor look-and-feel issues have been fixed.