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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
19006 If you make several PTV and video calls while in a GSM call, the app freezes.
19437 A user may go offline after you have selected that user for a PTV call but before you actually start the PTV call. In this situation, the app freezes.
19571 An incoming PTV call interrupts your GSM call in progress.
23838 The keyboard doesn't disappear after you have typed the encryption or decryption key in E2EE settings.
23846 When a guard tour is assigned to you or deleted, you get an incorrect "Guard tour null has been started" notification.
24433 Selecting a color for a waypoint in the map causes the values in the waypoint configuration fields to reset to the defaults.
24532 On the indoor map, your location is not determined if the indoor level is not calibrated.
24800 During a video call, if one user mutes the call and then the other user turns off video or rotates the device, the call becomes unmuted for the first user.