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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
23101 Login with valid credentials fails if the Allow save password option is disabled and the Show credentials input option is enabled.
23781 When one of the non-initiating users in a full-duplex call has end-to-end encryption enabled, the initiating user's voice may not be heard. In a related issue, if a participant of a full-duplex call has E2EE disabled but still has a decryption key in the configuration, they can still receive encrypted audio as long as the key matches.
24063 On some devices, when you enable the floating call widget, it may not show up or may cause the application to crash.
24189 The individual call inactivity timer fails to end the call after running out.
24370 If a user stops sending their coordinates or if the Enforce Privacy option becomes enabled in T.Commander, the user's position does not disappear from the map.
24527 On Samsung Galaxy XCover 5, transmission of all audio stops after 2 seconds.
24534 The application stops responding if you expand it from the background and tap PTT multiple times.
24547 Sometimes tapping the PTT button a few times causes a beeping sound to repeat indefinitely.
24689 If updates for T.Flex are forced in the environment, the app stalls while trying to download the latest available version from the server.
24737 Remote video capture starts without the receiving user accepting the request for it.
24738 Some devices with small screens don't show the main app screen after login.
24739 If the app crashes for any reason, sometimes the connection to the server is not dropped.

In addition, several memory issues have been addressed.