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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
TFA-679 T.Flex does not release an emergency call made to a bridged channel after the call times out on the radio end.
TFA-784 T.Flex does not display the PTT button during an emergency call made to a bridged channel.
TFA-785 When you rotate the device to landscape orientation, the app may start showing chats that are supposed to be hidden according to retention settings.
TFA-810 Your position marker may not be shown in T.Rodon due to location sharing issues.
TFA-812 On RugGear RG360, holding down the SOS button cancels the emergency upon release.
TFA-821 On Hytera PNC380, the app may crash if you try to make a PTV call.
TFA‑823 A PTV or video call may fail to start.

In addition, several stability and usability issues were addressed.