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New features in

ID What's new
TFA-199 Silent T.Flex upgrades are now supported on Telo TE300.
TFA-319 Status messages have become more convenient and conspicuous: they can be color-coded for instant categorization, and you can now send them as easily as you post stickers in conventional messaging apps.
TFA-320 You can now configure My TASSTA tiles to be shortcuts for sending specific status messages to specific chats.
TFA-321 There are two separate dedicated buttons for high-priority and normal-priority call requests in the My TASSTA view now.
TFA-360 This version introduces video streaming mode, where you can invite specific users to view your the live video stream from your device. For details, see Video communication.
TFA-410 The Kirisun W60 and W65 devices are now supported.
TFA-429 Hardware buttons on Samsung XCover FieldPro Model SM-G715U1 are fully supported.
TFA-462 The Hytera PNC360S device is now supported.