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New features in

ID What's new
TFA-62 Turkish localization.
TFA-41 Support for Siyata Mobile SD7 device.
TSD-4703 (TFA-35) Support for Siyata Mobile UnidenĀ® UR5 device.
TFA-40 Show offline users who were on the same channel as the current user.
Note: This feature must be enabled in server setting (Hide offline users parameter).
TSD-4658 (TFA-33) Support for Telo Systems TE590 Plus device.
TSD-4658 (TFA-31) Put in or cancel an urgent call request by pressing the programmable (yellow) key on Sonim XP8 device. See T.Flex application settings for details.
TFA-31 Audible notification on putting in or cancelling call requests.
TSD-4329 (TFA-29) Added the ability to pause / resume guard tours and skip checkpoints (after dispatcher's approval).
Important: Please read Known issues for details.
TSD-4014 (TFA-26) Audible notification when another speaker releases PTT button (configurable).
TSD-4165 (TFA-10, TFA-23) Support for Sonim XP3 Plus (XP3900).