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ID What's new
23811 You can now select or deselect all users or groups at once when you pick the participants of many-to-many PTV calls, full-duplex calls and broadcast calls. For that, select or clear the "summary" check box at the top of the list of users or groups.
Previously, the only way to pick multiple users or groups was to select them one by one.
24603 The Play join channel sound on login option has been added to the application settings. Previously, the join channel sound was always played on login (and by default, it still is), but now you can turn it off.
The Bring app to foreground on PTT option has been added to the application settings. If it is enabled, then someone pressing PTT in your channel causes T.Flex to come into the foreground, no matter which other application you are using.
24636 The Sound notification for missed call option has been added to the application settings. You can select how persistent you want missed call notifications to be.
24642 The RugGear RG360 device is now supported.
T.Flex now has a new navigation panel at the bottom for quick access to the most heavily used parts of the app. It contains the same options as the navigation drawer. Most of these options are stowed into the More menu, but such items as Users, Groups and Map are always at hand now.
24846 Hardware buttons are now supported on Nokia TA-1362, TA-1368 and TA-1371 mobile devices.
24914 Full-duplex calls on Telo TE300K devices are now supported.