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Enhancements in

ID What got better
TFA-58 Support for hardware intents on the following RugGear device models has been improved:
  • RG170
  • RG360
  • RG530
  • RG655
  • RG725
  • RG760
TFA-191 The choice of your main screen can be up to the administrator now.
Handling of external RSM devices has been improved to ensure their expected behavior.
Note: The app now prompts you to close third-party media player apps and Google Assistant, because they can interfere with RSM device integration.
TFA-318 The administrator can configure your account so that a sound notification is played for you when the app loses connection to the server.
TFA-456 If the Resolve position based on fixed beacons is enabled on the server, then the Indoor Localization view is removed from the main menu, because it is irrelevant in that configuration.