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Enhancements in

ID What got better
For an offline user in the user list, the name of that user's last visited channel is shown.
TFA-56 In History, call participants are now listed in the following order: the creators, then the users who talked (chronologically), then listeners.
TFA-185 On Siyata devices, the OK button is no longer used for PTT functionality, because Siyata discourages such use.
TFA-261 The colors of waypoints now correspond to the colors defined by the operator in T.Rodon.
The in-app video player is now better suited for showing multiple streams at once.
TFA-278 In Chats, a New Messages button now appears if new messages arrive while you are browsing above the end of the chat log. Tapping the button takes you to the first unread message.
TFA-297 The app can now load its configuration from a file on startup.
TFA-317 The "TE590P_O" model designation of Telo 590Plus has been added to the list of supported models.
TFA-342 The app now keeps reporting indoor positions at all times while the indoor view is open; popups and full screen notifications on top of the indoor view don't stop indoor subscription any more.
TFA-345 On Telo 590Plus with the "TE590P_E" model designation, the FUN buttons and channel selector are now supported.