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Issues resolved in 5.5.28

ID What was wrong
20005 The on-screen keyboard does not disappear when you switch screens or initiate an emergency call.
20441 On Android 10, emergency notifications are not always received.
21637 In the history view, calls can be shown with the wrong call type icons.
22351 On some devices, if autostart is enabled for the app, it does not start immediately after reboot, but after a delay of up to 90 seconds.
  • The app crashes if you try to view a message from a deleted user.
  • Deleted users and channels are shown as "ERR" in recent history.
23273 After login failure due to an invalid user name, the login page temporarily appears scrolled.
23433 After running idle in the foreground for an hour, the app stops sending GPS location data.
23730 If the "Deny Enter and View main channel" rule is set for a user whose default channel is Main, the user is not moved to another available channel as they should, but is removed from all channels.
23887 On some Samsung devices, a GPS location request from the TASSTA server may cause the app to crash.