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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
19315 Outgoing call popup does not go away when calling a user who is already busy in a full-duplex call.
19319 Incoming call popup is shown for full-duplex calls cancelled due to the loss of connectivity.
23302 Pre-alarm timer notification closes a full-duplex call popup.
19364 A user might receive full-duplex calls while a deferred emergency is still active. The incoming call popup buttons will not work.
21238 PTT button toggle state is not saved during full-duplex calls.
23643 If encryption is enabled, the sound in full-duplex calls is transmitted without pressing the PTT button.
22798 The number of participants is not displayed during full-duplex calls.
19409 Channel name is not restored in the user interface after full-duplex calls on some devices.
19416 Missed call record is added to the history when a user disconnects from full-duplex call by pressing hang down button.
23613 Completed full-duplex calls are not shown in the history.
20644 Emergency call produces 2 subsequent GSM calls and sends 2 SMS messages when Multi-communication gateway (MCGW) is turned on.
22141 Stop Emergency event is not sent if emergency email is enabled, but the corresponding MCGW settings are not configured.
21043 Emergency GSM call is initiated even if the device does not have a SIM card.
23439 Emergency GSM calls do not work if mobile data is disabled on the network operator's side.
22252 T.Flex update installation (force update) always requires user confirmation, even on devices without a screen.
23636 T.Flex update download (force update) is not started after rebooting the device.
23292 Sonim XP8 (XP8800) hardware Push-to-Talk (PTT) button does not work.
23455 PTT button volume and the voice volume cannot be adjusted independently when a Bluetooth headset is used.
23456 The microphone volume is occasionally reduced during calls. Enable Mic Level Control option if you encounter this problem.
22069, 22833 Alarm clock signal is silenced when T.Flex is running. Note: Currently, the alarm signal is only silenced during calls. It is automatically resumed after the call is ended.
22155 The sound recorded/transmitted from other applications (such as dictaphone) is too quiet or interrupted when T.Flex is running. Note: Currently, the sound in other applications is only limited during T.Flex calls and is automatically restored afterwards.
19299 Voice is not transmitted for emergency video calls after restoring connection to a server.
20039 New emergency channel is not created when initiating a emergency video call from the existing emergency channel.
23358 A user does not get emergency notification sound occasionally.
23544 The user cannot release the emergency channel created by him/her if other users are still inside.
22955, 23059 Microphone stops working after the screen is locked (Android 10 and above).
23500 Users from channels restricted by the rules are still shown in the list.
23692 Lone worker protection (LWP) features (such as impact, man down, movement, periodic check, yellow alarm) do not work if emergency and LWP are turned off and then back on.
23314 Full screen notifications are closed with a tap instead of a long tap.