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Issues resolved in 5.5.24

ID What was wrong
14553 Guard tour points shift from their positions when you zoom out the map.
15172 After the application has been pinned, unpinning it has no effect.
19939 In the map, the name of the selected geozone is not displayed.
19970 If emergency GSM calls and emergency SMS are enabled but the phone numbers are not specified, then the app shows misleading error messages when these emergencies fail.
22939 If a server rejects a user (for example, after an administrator changes their user name), the app shows the About screen indefinitely instead of switching the login screen.
22951 If you change your password and try to log in with the new password while the Save password option is disabled, the login fails.
22963 If an administrator uses T.Commander to forbid a T.Flex user to change settings, that change is not applied immediately and the user can still change settings for the rest of their current login session. The change takes effect only after the user's next login.
22990 A user disappears from the user list after that user starts an emergency.
22996 In the user list, online users are not grouped by presence in the current channel as they should be.
23002 Between login sessions, the sorting order for the channel list is reset to the default, although the UI erroneously shows that the previously selected sorting order is applied.
23135 The application can crash if it receives an emergency of an unsupported type.
23128 The application crashes if you try to send a quoted message that has the maximum length.
23006 If a user leaves a zone that is associated with channels for dynamic calls and then returns to the zone, the channels become unavailable as designed. However, when the user returns to the zone, the channels don't become available again as they should.