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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
15677 If you rotate the device while the PTV button is pressed or triggered, the button becomes released.
17446 On the My TASSTA screen, if you tap the Call Request button and then Yes to change the call request priority, the phone icon changes color as if the request has been sent, even though it is not really sent.
18397 Sometimes after a restart of T.Bridge, the app shows radio users as offline when they are really online.
19563 The user has access to history entries from channels that are restricted from the user or hidden.
15889 The Back button is unavailable on the task details screen; it is replaced by the navigation drawer menu button. If you use that button and then tap Settings in the navigation drawer menu, the app can stop responding.
19851 Newly-assigned tasks aren’t always shown at the top of the task list as they should be.
20029 When you tap Reset Password on the login screen, a tip pops up and obstructs the text fields.
20848 On Kirisun M50 radios, the microphone volume is set too low.
20921 If you open the navigation drawer by swiping right, sometimes the top bar is shown on top of it.
21197 If you use wi-fi for the server connection and you run T.Flex Android immediately after enabling wi-fi, then the Force Update setting fails to take effect. If an update is available, the app is not updated in this situation.
21234 On the Indoor Localization screen, level images with portrait orientation are cropped above and below.
21565 The on-screen keyboard isn’t always hidden after login.
21634 The app may crash on the Indoor Localization screen.
21638 If you begin downloading a recording from the History menu and navigate away from that menu and later return to it, that recording still has the download icon instead of the play icon.
21725 The app may fail to load the call history.
21823, 22130 If you rotate the device from portrait to landscape orientation when the login screen is shown, the connection process is interrupted.
21902 If a user account has been deleted or had its password changed by an administrator and then that user tries to log in with T.Flex Android, no error about the account change is shown.
21925 If a user is a member of a group with a long name, then that user’s status is not shown in the user list.
21991 The app crashes if you start a PTV call with an external camera connected.
22004 The port number in logon settings cannot be deleted.
22013 If the Enforce Privacy option is enabled for your user account, then your location on the map is not visible even during an emergency call.
22087 If an administrator restricts a logged-in user’s permissions on settings, that user can still view and change those settings until the login session ends.
22099 When the device is out of the range of location beacons, it is supposed to transmit its GPS location unconditionally, but it does that only while the Indoor Map is opened and active.
22103 Sometimes during login the app goes into the Authenticating state indefinitely.
22107 If you turn the camera off and on again during a video call, the video and sound become out of sync.
22132 If you receive an emergency call and enable aliases in the settings after that, then display of aliases does not work.
22148 When you tap Show on Map for an item in the emergency journal, the map focus goes to the user’s current location instead of the location of the emergency.
22161 When you finish an emergency call that you started, you are not taken to the menu that was open before the call.
22162 On the Indoor Localization screen, the same user is shown twice: with the alias in one instance and without it in the other.
22207 There is no audio notification about an incoming text message when text-to-speech is enabled.
22208 If a user is removed from a dynamic channel during an emergency, then that user remains in the emergency channel after the emergency stops.
22214 If the Logout Lock option is enabled for your user account, you can still successfully log out without a password if you tap Log Out after a PTV call.
22249 Sometimes the PTV call channel may not appear in the channel list.
22261 After a user changes channel, that user is shown without their alias in the user list.
22289 The Force TCP option is supported only without encryption.
22306 On Android 4, the app crashes when you share a file with another user.
22328 If the Enforce Privacy option is enabled for a user and that user is in an emergency, then the user is not always hidden from Indoor Map as soon as the emergency ends.
22329 On Kirisun M50. the P1 button doesn’t call the Dispatcher user as it should.
22381 If the Force TCP option is enabled and the app’s UDP connection attempt is rejected by the server, then the app fails to switch to TCP for connection.
22412 The app fails to send photos taken using the Live Picture feature.
22413 If you try to send a file to another user, they get a text message saying "null" instead of the file.
22437 There is no way to manually enter the password on the login screen.
22483 There is no Back button on the user profile screen.