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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
13331 If you raise a Yellow alarm and then log out, the alarm is not restored the next time you log in.
15395 Enabling and disabling encryption by holding down the lock icon on the PTT button doesn’t work as it should.
15770 After a TASSTA administrator sets an empty password in a user’s logout lock options, that user cannot log out by entering an empty password.
17696 After you remove a user from the contact list, the top bar still shows actions for that user.
20650 Attaching a file on the Messages tab fails, and an upload error message is displayed.
21032 If you rotate the device into landscape orientation during a video emergency call, the speaker icon appears on the screen.
21081 After a TASSTA administrator deletes a user’s alias, that alias is still shown in the user list.
21255 When you open an emergency journal entry, and tap Show on Map for that entry, the PTT button disappears.
21266 After the app goes into background mode, the first incoming GSM call makes the phone ring as it should, but subsequent GSM calls do not.
21317 The force update feature doesn’t work if autostart and autologin are enabled.
21512 On CAT S61, a black screen is shown on app startup.
21608 When force update is enabled, you may get an erroneous message that the latest version is already installed, and the existing version is not updated.
21612, 21618 Yellow alarm and other lone worker protection features make more requests to the TASSTA server than they should.
21670 If a user with the panic SMS feature enabled loses connection and triggers an emergency after that, then deferred emergency is enabled, but it is not triggered when connection is restored.
21710 The Show Guard Tour option doesn’t appear if you are in the Map menu while the TASSTA administrator activates the option.
21716 On devices running Android versions 4.4 through 6.0, task notifications remain in the notification bar after logout from T.Flex Android.
21723 The text-to-speech reader doesn’t pronounce the first selected user in the user list.
21768 Files from some categories (such as Downloads or Recent) cannot be attached to tasks, and no errors are displayed or logged in such cases.
21801 T.Flex Android may send Yellow alarm events and trigger deferred emergency at the same time.
21805 You can send a message to a user that has messaging disabled.
21807 The app can become unresponsive.
21814 Sometimes not all task-related actions are available from the Edit menu.
21821 When emergency call unsubscribe auto-listening is enabled, videos from the emergency channel are not played.
21853 Voice audio can be delayed up to 3 seconds when an external camera is used.
21854 Audio can sound choppy.
21921 An external camera cannot be used in the chat to take photos.
21947 There are problems with configuration permissions:
  • Enabling the Allowed to change credentials only option has the effect of completely disallowing access to settings instead.
  • When access to settings is disallowed, this disables QR login.
21974 On Kirisun M50, the "Missed call from:" label obstructs the caller name.
21975 When you log in, you may get old missed call notifications that you dismissed during your previous logon session.
22070 When you use the API to connect to T.Lion 5.4, you cannot choose between SHA-1 and password for authentication.
22117 During a video call, when a wired or Bluetooth headset is connected, the phone speaker is still used for audio output instead.