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Issues resolved in

ID What was wrong
14195 When you are assigned a guard tour, you may get an incorrect "Guard tour null has been started" notification in T.Flex.
15100 If a call that you initiated is declined, you may get multiple notifications about it instead of just one.
15271 If you turn the device from landscape to portrait orientation during a video call, the video may turn upside down.
15319 If an emergency occurs while you are in the middle of an audio, video or PTV call, your call is stopped.
15701 If you make a direct call to an offline user and cancel the call, you may get two notifications about it.
18419 When you delete a waypoint, its title and description remain.
19301 A fullscreen emergency or video emergency is not resumed as it should if the connection is interrupted and then restored.
Your guard tour information is not updated automatically if you are assigned a guard tour while you are viewing guard tours. The problem persists until you leave this view and switch back to it.
20185 The Emergency Journal may not always show the correct emergency start and end times, and it may contain duplicate entries.
21540 The Battery Alarm from the lone worker protection feature set may be triggered with a delay or fail to be triggered at all.
If you initiate a video emergency and then turn off the screen or hide the emergency video player, then your device may stop transmitting voice and video.
22843 On Android 11, if you start T.Flex, minimize it and make a GSM call, the call uses the loudspeaker instead of the internal speaker. All subsequent GSM call also use the loudspeaker until you close T.Flex.
22899 Navigation mode in the map view does not work.
22976 During a guard tour, if the time until the next checkpoint has run out, time information disappears after you switch to a different view or simply rotate the device.
23308 On Android 9 and later, the map is not shown if the app is configured to use a local map tile server.
23550 The On map action on the map screen does not work.
23563 The application stops responding if the user tries to make a PTV or video call a second time from the map screen.
23679 If a duplex call is made to several users some of whom answer it and some of whom miss it, then those who missed it do not get missed call notifications.
23771 During a video or PTV call, if both participating users turn off their speakers, they can still hear each other.
24078 On Inrico T522A, channel changing with the knob does not work.
24127 The option to send a status message to a user is not available in chat view.
24164 Users who have the Enforce privacy option enabled can sometimes remain visible in the indoor map after they have ended their emergency, even though they should become hidden again.
24182 On Samsung devices, the hardware button still works as PTT when the Use PTT as SOS option is enabled.
24321 On Samsung XCover 4s, if connection to the server is lost and then restored again, the app crashes when it tries to reconnect to the server.